Author: Sukh

  • I have a habit of creating as I go along. I wish I were someone who was structured and created character sheets from all angles, but nope—I do everything on the fly. I’ve managed to complete the first two pages of issue 6 without revealing this character, but page 3 is going to have the reveal, so I need to know what I’m drawing. Here’s a quick mock-up. I did one a few days ago but either didn’t save it or saved it somewhere obscure and can’t find it.

    Obviously based on tudor / old timey fashion. Going for that opulent and grand clothing to show wealth.

    tudor/ regal design
  • Currently working on issue 6. Its all sorta written, but since there’s alot of city scape and interior shots I really want to practice getting sources and just being better with scenary in general. The pirate ship in the last ep was supposed to be more detailed but I was never happy with anything I drew so I paired it back- noticably so.

    One of my goals doing this project was to get better at drawing so Im going to push myself to improve on my weaknesses.

    I’ll update here with thoughts and progress. Also, if anyone takes any interest, opinions on ideas or designs will also be appreciated